The Kitchen Think: Fed Up with Bad Ideas from Good Intentions


Just saw that Bolthouse Farms is marketing “Scarrots” in an attempt to bring a healthier Halloween to little trick-or-treaters everywhere.


Do they actually believe anyone is going to drop a 1.7 ounce bag of carrots into a kid’s Halloween sack? If I did that, my house would get egged. Worse yet, the little demons would throw it on my walkway as they exited, leaving it for the already obese squirrels to tuck away for winter.

I am sure some uber-nutrition conscious parent will think they are doing their part to help alleviate America’s bad eating habits… probably like Mrs. McDonough who lived up the street from me when I was a kid gave us saltines spread with peanut butter. I hated it when we got home and found out she hadn’t wrapped them well enough and we had crushed crackers and peanut butter smeared all over our prized king-sized Sugar Daddy and Three Muskateers bars.

Halloween is meant to give the kids a sugar rush and everyone else guilt trip for eating too much crap. The only vegetable that should be allowed is corn.

Candy Corn, that is.

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