Plated + Served: Beach Blanket Burritos


Spring Break at last! We’re at the beach and one of my favorite things to do when we’re here is to watch the sun come up. Back in the day, that usually meant watching the sun rise at the end of an evening… and for some in our group, it still does.

But now, I love getting up at the crack of dawn (literally) with a little something to eat and a big mug of coffee while contemplating the promise of a new day (is that Yanni I hear playing?).

But, I digress.

These burritos make a great beach breakfast because they are so portable… and they have enough protein to keep you going all morning (or is that the espresso?). You can make the burritos the night before and zap them in the microwave right before you head down to the beach. Don’t forget to leave a few for those who slept in… or haven’t made it home yet!

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