Plated + Served: Delicious Mashed Potatoes


Once again, the weather has turned ugly. So what do I do? Retreat back into comfort foods!

Creamy whipped Mashed Potatoes are one of the ultimate soul soothers, don’t you think? And, as if these Mashed Potatoes weren’t already delicious, there are so many ways to increase their lusciousness by adding crispy bacon bits, crumbled blue cheese or a little wasabi. Making Mashed Potatoes is not difficult. If you want to peel them before cooking… peel ‘em. If you want to mash them with the skins on… mash ‘em that way.

One thing I’ve discovered is that most of us love our mashed potatoes a certain way… and most of that has to do with the way our Mamas made them. That’s why we call it comfort food… because ultimately, the memory takes us home.

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