Plated + Served: Go Bananas!


For some reason, I’ve never mastered the art of picking out perfect bananas (according to my family). When I select them in the market they are perfectly yellow and gorgeous… something Chiquita would be proud to wear on her head.

But by the time I get home, the once lovely bunch have crossed the Rubicon and are teetering on the edge of over-ripeness… ready to be kicked off the island by my in-house banana connoisseurs.

I’ll eat as many of the freckled fruit as I can (since my picky banana eaters won’t) but inevitably there are leftovers. Since nothing is wasted in my kitchen, I’ll use them in waffles, pancakes and bread. Here’s a really great recipe that absolves me of any inadequacies I may have in the banana-picking-out department. I usually bake this bread in small loaf pans so that I can share.

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