Extra Helpings: A Rule for the Kitchen… A Rule for Life


Mise en place will save your life. This simple kitchen rule will make everything that is wrong with your world right again. Well, maybe not… but at least you’ll be organized… and in my case, a little less high strung.

Mise en place is a French phrase. You pronounce it like this: meez–ahn–PLAHS.

Mise en place loosely translated means “put in place.” And that’s one of the things highfalutin New York City chefs and third shift cooks in teensy Texas diners have in common… they always make sure they have all of their ingredients, equipment… even their attitude… “put in place” before they begin.

And so should you.

Have you ever started a recipe, or a project, gotten halfway through it and realized you didn’t have an ingredient or the right tool? That’s because you didn’t read the recipe (and I mean ALL of it) and mise en place. You probably just jumped in without taking the few extra minutes to make sure everything was “put in place.”

If you mise en place before you begin anything (and I do mean anything), you will be a better human being. Or at least a more organized, less stressed… maybe even a tad more successful human being.

Mise en place will help you live a better life. Try it for a day… and let me know.

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