Finally Friday… But Where’s the Fish Fry?


Mama just got the news that her cholesterol level is through the roof, so we won’t be going to the VFW’s annual “Final Friday in Lent Fish Fry.” I was really, really looking forward to that tangy tartar sauce, too.

So I can’t have my fried fish fix… big deal. Tomorrow I’ll be glad I had a simple sautéed fish fillet rather than a platter full of golden crispy deep-fried heaven. Rrrriiight…..

Seriously, tonight I am going to prepare this Quick Sautéed Fish. My problem now is trying to decide what type of fish I want to eat.

Without being too preachy (or is that perchy?), I try to eat sustainable fish, which basically means fish that is good for your health and doesn’t hurt the environment. But that requires some work on your part. Sometimes you have to turn into Torquemada in order to get that information if it isn’t displayed or labeled: Where does the fish come from? Has it been frozen? Is it farm raised or wild caught?

Here are a few sustainable white fish suggestions, courtesy of the folks at Seafood Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: 

Fish Also known as… Tastes like…
Black Sea Bass Atlantic Sea Bass, Black Perch, Rock Bass Fresh flavor, not as strong as swordfish
Catfish Channel Catfish Mild, with a firm less flaky texture
Cod Whitefish, Mild with a tender texture
Pacific Flounder Sole, Sand Dab, Hirame Mild, delicate but firm
Grouper Mero Mild flavor with a firm texture
Haddock Scrod Delicate, slightly sweet
Hake Whiting Mild, with a medium firm texture
Halibut Hirame, Turbot Mild with a dense texture
Perch Barramundi Mild with medium firm texture
Rockfish Rock Cod, Pacific Ocean Perch Nutty flavor with a medium firm texture
U.S. or Central American Tilapia Izumidai Light flavor with a firm texture

Still thinking about that tartar sauce…

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