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Radically Simple: Brilliant Flavors with Breathtaking Ease
325 Inspiring Recipes by Rozanne Gold

Publisher: Rodale Books (October 26, 2010)
ISBN-10: 9781605294704
ISBN-13: 978-1605294704


What’s It About: The author, Chef Rozanne Gold, wrote the bestselling “1-2-3” cookbook series which whittled down recipes to just three ingredients. In “Radically Simple” she once again melds simplicity with sophistication and shows how easy it is to make deliciously memorable meals with just a few essential ingredients. I really like how this cookbook enables you to offer up epiphanies of global flavors in a streamlined fashion.

Who Should Read This: The minimalist approach of needing just a few ingredients will appeal to those who cook only now and then, but love to create and eat sensational meals with just a few ingredients. And for those of you who cook a lot and have well-stocked pantries and fridges, you’ll love Gold’s innovative flavor combinations… she’ll show you what to do with that fennel bulb you bought at the Farmer’s market or how to use up the rest of that Chinese Black Vinegar that has been hanging out on the shelf for a while.

Why You’ll Like This: If you’ve ever wanted to serve something to guests that will knock their socks off… but wanted something painlessly simple to prepare… this is your cookbook. Most of the salads in the “10 Minute Recipes” really do take just 10 minutes… if you mise en place. Gold has also managed to create comfort food recipes, which she calls “Slow & Easy,” that condense time and technique, but never sacrifice flavor.

Mama’s Favorite Part: The desserts, of course. The 4-ingredient oozy delicious semisweet “Little Black Dress” Chocolate Cake is simply amazing. The recipe says is serves eight. In my case, it served one. Me.

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