The Kitchen Think: Fed Up with Gluten-Free Wannabes


Well, here we go again…In the ongoing saga of our nation’s obsession with weight loss, I’m already fed up with the latest craze: Gluten-Free Groupies.

I find this new trend hysterical. If you’d uttered the word “gluten” five years ago to these people, most of them would have looked over their shoulder at their rear-end and figured you were referring to the plural of their butt cheeks. Now they peer over restaurant menus and coolly tell the waiter that they are “allergic” to gluten… then promptly splash soy sauce on their sushi (wheat is a key ingredient of soy sauce).

I’m not slagging-off those who suffer from real gluten issues such as Celiac disease, an autoimmune disease which damages the intestines and causes nutritional deficiencies… or those who have intolerance to gluten.

No, I’m fed up with sheeple who mimic celebrities and claim the need to be gluten-free… when all they really want to do is shed some belly fat (wouldn’t cutting back on the martinis be more effective?). What these people are doing is simply eliminating foods that may be high in calories… like bread and pasta. (Why not do that on your own? Do you really need to pin it on some trumped-up bogus allergy you don’t have? Doesn’t that de-value those with a real issue?)

But get real for a moment: Take a look at the nutrition labels on some of the “gluten-free” products. By going “gluten-free,” you may actually wind up putting ON weight because the amount of fat and sugar in these products is often increased to goose the taste. You may also be denying yourself needed vitamins and nutrients like iron, vitamin B and fiber.

I’m sure this diet fad will pass like all the others; eventually they all end up in the same place…down on South Beach doing a Master Cleanse with Dr. Atkins and a Caveman.

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