Plated + Served: Where’s the Beef? (I’m Not Telling You!)


Leftover steak is an oxymoron in my kitchen, so whenever I make it I always prepare double the amount. That way I know there will be something left over… which means I’ll always be able to make this Spicy Thai Beef Salad.

Of course, I have to hide whatever steak remains in the vegetable drawer so that the hungry hoards don’t descend and use it in their omelets, quesadillas and sandwiches.

My 24 year-old thinks a 12-ounce leftover sirloin is a snack.

The beauty of this salad is that you don’t have to include all of the ingredients… if you don’t have fish sauce, use soy sauce. Don’t like cilantro? Don’t use it. Cucumber too expensive? Leave it out. You can add what you do have… like red or green peppers, cooked zucchini, broccoli or green beans. Pretty much a “clean the fridge” type of salad with a whole lot of flavor.
Get creative… like I’m going to need to do now that my kids know my hiding place for the steak…



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