Gadget Tree: What’s Up Your Sleeve?


Go ahead… spill olive oil on your iPad. In fact… scroll down without washing your hands. You can quit freaking out and start using your iPad in the kitchen just like you do everywhere else—thanks to this cool new iPad condom.

I call it a condom, but the makers have a more sophisticated name for it: The Chef Sleeve. I am surprised that the folks at Apple didn’t think of it, but they probably want you to screw up your iPad with splashed vinegar and egg yolks…then you’d have to buy another. (Uh, just kidding, Apple…really.)

              image by merea consulting

The crystal clear plastic sleeves are made from recyclable material that easily slips over the iPad and protects it completely. It has a re-sealable strip that sticks to itself and holds the Chef Sleeve in place. The sleeves are touch responsive and moisture and grease resistant (resistant means just that… it resists moisture and grease. It doesn’t mean you can go dunking your iPad in the sink or running it through the dishwasher).

The Chef Sleeve has even been approved by the FDA to be safe around food. When it gets dirty, just slip it off and toss it… or clean it and use it again.

It comes in packs of 25 or 50 and sells for about $20.00. The package that it comes in even doubles as a stand for your iPad.

I’m thinking that this may be a good way to keep the suntan oil off my iPad this summer… if the weather around here ever gets WARM!

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