Plated + Served: None Better No-Batter Chiles Rellenos


Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, a day filled with food, lots of drinking and overall celebration. At least that’s the way it’ll be celebrated in the United States. What’s that? You thought Cinco de Mayo was a national holiday in Mexico? Sorry, señor.

The Fifth of May (which is what Cinco de Mayo means for anyone who slept during Spanish class) commemorates the 1862 Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day and, except for the Mexican state of Puebla, it is just another day in Mexico.

Mama’s mama is Mexican, so I like that Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of pride and heritage for Mexican Americans (and those Mexicans living here who might not be Americans… yet).

One of my favorite dishes to serve on Cinco de Mayo is Chiles Rellenos (which originated in Puebla, Mexico, by the way). But my Chiles Rellenos (which means stuffed chile) are not those deep-fried cheese-oozing chiles you get with the Number 12 Mexican Platter at some restaurants.

No batter, no deep frying… just delicious seasoned chicken filling stuffed inside the deep earthy goodness of a poblano chile. It’s a lot less fattening. Save the calories for another round of margaritas.

Now that’s worth celebrating!

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3 thoughts on “Plated + Served: None Better No-Batter Chiles Rellenos

  1. Pat

    This is an excellent recipe! I used Monterrey jack cheese in a jar because I couldn’t find Mexican melt cheese. Also, used beef instead of chicken. Will be making this again!

  2. Barbara Bass

    I was looking for a chiles rellenos recipe that didn’t have a batter and brought out the flavor of the chiles. Your tips on preparing and roasting the chiles was very helpful. Other methods I tried overcooked the chiles, such as putting the roasted chiles in a paper or plastic bag to soften the skins. Thanks for sharing!

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