Plated + Served: Sloppy Janes Under Pressure



Pressure cookers once scared the hell out of me… probably because one exploded in my kitchen years ago and I never got over the trauma of finding stray bits of food in random places months later. Mama was young and definitely not used to cooking under pressure.

My, my, my… what a difference a few years make. (Or maybe it’s the five kids? Different husband? A couple hundred martinis?)

Truth in disclosure: I had to quickly overcome my fear of pressure cookers when Seventh Avenue asked me to test one. I really didn’t want to do it… but now, I will admit, I am a Cooker Convert. I recently had a dinner party and made some fabulous Jamaican Veal Shanks in about 45 minutes… I’m not kidding. I’ll give you that recipe later.

I’ve made Sloppy Janes (Sistie calls them that because they are made with ground turkey and not ground beef) on top of the stove before and had good results… maybe because they have a gajillion ingredients. BUT, this time around I made them in the pressure cooker and definitely noticed incredible flavor intensity… most likely because the super-heated steam in the pressure cooker boosts the natural flavor profile. At least that’s what I think is happening. I don’t know… Bottom line: Some food just tastes better in a cooker…and it DOES cook much faster. And, in the end, that’ll help take the pressure off of YOU!

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