The Kitchen Think: The Next Big Thing?


Want to be in on the next big foodie trend? Then get your hands on a digit shaped fruit with translucent caviar-looking pulp, bursting with a fresh lemon-lime citrus flavor.

Finger Limes anyone?

image by Shanley Farms

The Fancy Food Show, the huge annual specialty food convention that showcases the obvious and the odd, is up and running in Washington, D.C. We’re seeing some weird and wonderful items that will be hitting the mainstream marketplace soon, like finger limes (they’re also known as caviar limes).

The cluster of hundreds of crunchy juicy beads (they’ve been compared to citrus Pop Rocks) at the fruit’s core can be pink, red or, more typically, light green. I have a feeling that the fascination for finger limes will be a lot like it was when pomegranates hit the mainstream market big-time a decade ago… and we all know how that craze took off.

The long, purplish or greenish-black thin skinned fruit (that is technically is not in the lemon or lime family) is native to the rain forests of eastern Australia, but it’s now being grown in California. Shanley Farms,  which sits in the San Joaquin Valley, produced their first commercial-size crop last year, which is about when American chefs started pairing the micro-citrus with seafood and other dishes.

The rest of us will be able to get our hands on some when the season begins in October (it runs through December). But these little babies won’t be cheap. Last year they were about $15 to $20 for 6 ounces… which puts them in the fresh porcini mushroom price category.

If you find them and decide to splurge a little, the easiest way to use the fruit is to cut it in half and squeeze out the droplets like toothpaste from a tube. Use it to top oysters, beef, tuna or salmon carpaccio or anywhere you want an explosion of lemon-lime tartness!

image by Shanley Farms



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