Plated + Served: Ain’t That Just Peachy!


You remember the motto of the U.S. Post Office, right? The one that goes… “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat nor gloom of night…?” Well, this morning, under dark, ominous clouds, heavy winds and thunder, we decided to apply that same adage to shopping at the farmer’s market. Why, you ask?

Peaches are in season!

Peaches are the Zelda Fitzgerald’s of the fruit world. They are delicate and fragile and bruise easily… and yet, they liven up everything they come in contact with and when ripe, they’re a heck of a lot of fun.

There is nothing like a perfect, luscious peach with its intoxicating aroma and dripping, flavorful juices. I sometimes feel like I ought to stand in the tub while I eat one.

There are two types of peaches, freestone and cling (but many varieties). How do you know which is which? Cut into the peach along the natural seam and all the way around and then twist it gently in opposite directions. Freestone peaches separate easily. Cling, well, the pit clings, so you have to use a paring knife to separate the flesh from the pit.

Always look for peaches that are somewhat firm, yet yield slightly to pressure. Store your peaches at room temperature on a counter or shelf, separated from each other. Don’t pile them into a bowl like you would apples… that will just bruise them.

The best test is the easiest: Does it smell like a peach? Then it’s ready!

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3 thoughts on “Plated + Served: Ain’t That Just Peachy!

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  2. Titti

    Sour cream with the pie crust? I didn’t know this trick. I assume it’s to add moisture and flavor.

    1. Mama Post author

      You are correct… to add moisture, flavor and, get ready for it: fat. Fat is flavor, remember, and the sour cream will not only make the crust more pliable, but will give it a tiny bit more flake than you usually get in store-bought refrigerated crusts. Try it and let me know!


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