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Some of the best memories occur when you’re not trying to actually make memories.

You know what I mean… not the big who-ha trip overseas or that splashy party. The best of times are often the simplest, most random moments.

Like going to the farmer’s market with the kids.

I love this picture of Sis and me, sorting through the bins of potatoes. She likes looking for the weirdly shaped potatoes (“This one looks like a mouse!”), and then we take it home and I cook it up. With all her weird allergies and her dislike of so many foods, this has become a great way to get her (and all the kids) to try new vegetables.

Once, Matt picked out Brussels sprouts on a stalk, taken by how weird he thought it looked. We peeled them down and sautéed them with bacon and onions. Alix wanted to try white raspberries and ended up eating them all before we left the market. Drew tried an Iroquois musk melon. Carlos, always trying to be really different, would look for the most eclectic thing in the market (and often the strangest-looking). One time we bought the herbal weed purslane, which, at that time, I had no idea was so high in vitamin C and Omega-3s. Smart kid.

I know it’s hard to get to a farmer’s market… or maybe there just isn’t one in your area. But you can still take your kids to the supermarket when you go shopping. Have them pick out a fruit or vegetable that catches their eye… it doesn’t have to be all that exotic or weird.

Don’t buy a lot, perhaps just enough for a taste. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll expand their horizon for fruits and vegetables just a little bit… and wind up creating a memory in the process.

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