Gadget Tree: Protecting the Pad


My tablet computer has really become a necessary piece of kitchen equipment. Not just for reading recipes and looking up ingredients… but for important things like settling bets and finding out if Nucky Thompson really led such an opulent criminal lifestyle.

Sometimes you just gotta have that info.

But one of the major issues with using a tablet computer in the kitchen is where to put it. A couple of months ago, I told you about the Chef Sleeve… which I really like because it completely protects the computer. Regardless, the tablet itself still takes up valuable counter-top real estate, and that’s an issue in my tiny kitchen.

Now Belkin has come out with a couple of options that look promising. They’ve got a fridge/wall mount and a cabinet mount for 7” and 10” tablets. Importantly, the mounts are temporary so you don’t have to drill any holes or use special tools to install them.

The fridge or wall mount can be placed on any smooth vertical surface and is held up with magnets and 3M™Command™ Strips. When you remove the mount, it doesn’t leave behind any sticky stuff.

The Cabinet Mount can be suspended under a cabinet or shelf with an adjustable clamp that you can reposition to fit different cabinets and shelving untis. This one is also easy to remove and store in drawer.

Both of these are really good products… and they certainly help alleviate the fear of spilling vinegar or dripping cheese sauce on the screen. But you still have to touch the screen to navigate, and your fingers may not always be grease-free.

Which is why Belkin came up with Chef Stand and Stylus. The stylus wand lets you interact with the screen without touching it. The wand also is easy to grip and can be washed by hand if you get it caked with flour. The stand has a non-slip rubber base which can be angled in different positions on the countertop. That’s the downside to this one… it takes up space on the counter.

So this is what I think would be absolutely perfect: A Belkin Cabinet Mount with a Stylus… or a Chef Sleeve you slip over the Cabinet Mount, so you can touch the screen and not get it all gunked up.

Since I’m in the kitchen all the time, it’s clear that the tablet is indispensible. Just like Nucky was to the bootleggers in Atlantic City.

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