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I know it is still hot outside. I know things are still growing and fresh produce is everywhere. I don’t care. I’m going to get one of these and start it growing so that when the dark days of winter descend; I’ll have something to believe in.

Okay. I’m being a little dramatic.

The Root Vue Farm apparently has been around a while, but for some reason it slipped below my radar. I saw it on and thought: it’s like an ant farm for vegetables!

It’s pretty easy to use. You plant the carrot, leeks, and radish seeds then watch the magic happen right before your eyes (alright… so it takes several weeks, but you get what I mean). Also, it’s self-watering so you don’t need to worry about drowning the veggies (which is always an issue for me… I kill all of my indoor plants).

This will be a great winter gardening project. I can’t believe I’m already talking about winter. Maybe I’ve been out in the sun too much…


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