Plated + Served: Attack of the Summer Squash


Zucchini has chutzpah.

If you grow zucchini, or have friends who do, you know what I mean. Zucchini doesn’t offer up a simple harvest. No. Zucchini is the gift that keeps on giving… and giving.. and giving. With zucchini, it gets to the point that you want to say: Enough!

Besides being incredibly prolific, zucchini, like a lot of other summer squash, demands to be eaten NOW. You can freeze it and preserve it a few other ways, but unlike other garden vegetables, zucchini really loses a lot of integrity if it’s not eaten fresh. That’s a lot of moxie.

Big Sis Anna is the gardener in the family and she gave me this recipe for Stuffed Zucchini. Here she is with a huge Trumpet Squash she pulled from her garden yesterday. Now THAT’S a squash with chutzpah!


Stuffed Zucchini



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