Plated + Served: Crêpe Expectations


Mama hit the wall last night.

My life in the carpool lane kicked into high gear—the Internet was down so some of the kids couldn’t get their homework done, and while there were tons of leftovers in the fridge, there wasn’t enough of any one thing to make dinner. Or so I thought.

Crêpes to the rescue.

Sautéed spinach, feta, green onions & pine nuts

I see you rolling your eyes… but you’ve gotta believe me, crêpes aren’t just the fancy-do thin pancakes you find in restaurants. Crêpes are an easy-to-make way of cleaning the cooler* and getting dinner on the table fast. Kids love them… even when they’re filled with leftovers.

And if you don’t have a lot of leftovers to work with, you can fill them with scrambled eggs, chopped bacon and broccoli (or whatever veg you have in the fridge) with a little cheese melted or crumbled on top.

Be sure to make enough crêpes for dessert… that’s what everyone is looking forward to anyway. Fill the crêpes with ice cream or whipped cream and any fresh or frozen fruit you have on hand.

(Forget the flaming crêpes… after all, it’s a weeknight and hey, they’re too romantic to waste on the kids!)

By the way, while I was writing this, I loved making that little ê over the e. It’s fancy.

*When I was in culinary school, our chef instructor had us clean out the walk-in cooler at the end of the week and create an amazing dish to serve our paying customers. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes.


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