Kitchen Think: A Kick in the Butt-er


Danish, that ubiquitous breakfast staple, just got a lot more expensive in the country that originated the buttery-rich saturated fat-filled pastry. Denmark now has a tax on fat… the first in the world.


In theory, I like what Denmark is doing. The thinking is that if unhealthy food is expensive, people won’t eat it as much and their intake of saturated fats will drop. But I’m not so sure it’s a good idea for the government to decide what we should and shouldn’t eat and to punish everyone with taxes in order to curb unhealthy eating habits.

The new tax basically adds 40-cents to the price of butter, 15-cents to a fast-food sandwich and 12-cents to a bag of chips. Anything with fat is fair game: meat, oil, processed foods and dairy products, to name a few.

At least the Danes are consistent about wanting people to eat right. Denmark has already banned the use of trans-fats… and if you want candy or soda, you’ll pony up a few kroner more in taxes. Other European countries have moved in a similar direction: Hungary has a tax on all foods with unhealthy levels of sugar, salt, carbs and… gulp… caffeine. Switzerland and Austria have banned trans-fats. Finland and Romania are also considering a fat tax.

Mama’s not worried about that happening in this country any time soon. Heck, advocates have been trying for years to tax soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages and they aren’t even close to getting Congress to vote on it.

A “fat tax” in this country? I don’t think so. I mean really, can you imagine legislators having to forego that daily Danish and coffee! The only thing worse would be a booze tax… oh, wait a minute…


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