Plated + Served: It’s World Veggie Day!


I’ve been trying. Lord knows I’ve been trying. But old habits (especially eating habits) die hard.

 A few months ago, I said I was going to do my best to eat less meat and get more veggies into my diet. I did okay for a little bit… but then I slipped back into what was comfortable and known. We all do that.

But I have new inspiration: October is Vegetarian Awareness Month.

My daughter, Drew, has been a vegetarian for years. A monumentally hard task, I know, in a houseful of carnivores. She has sparked my awareness of just how difficult it is to be a non-meat (and now a non-fish) eater at home and in restaurants. Was that vegetable soup made with chicken stock? Were those beans cooked with a bit of bacon? Did that curry have fish sauce?

I will confess that I cater to her a bit, preparing separate soups and protein rich grain-based dishes in order to keep her nourished (and me happy that she’s eating protein). It’d be easier to make the entire meal veggie based… but I don’t really want to hear the wails of protest from the Cavemen sitting around the table. And besides, a meat-based meal is the way I always cook… not necessarily a bad habit, but not a particularly healthy one.

I’m going to renew my efforts this month with more vegetarian recipes and suggestions. Don’t go getting all hippity if I crinkle in some meat dishes… Mama’s still gotta keep the peace with those Paleos in my dining room!


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