Plated + Served: Next Stop On The Gravy Train…


“I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage” – Erma Bombeck

That description fits my family perfectly… and apparently a lot of other families out there, too, judging from the reactions I got to my recent post about my favorite new gadget, the fat separator. A whole bunch of you asked why Mama didn’t include a recipe for pan drippings gravy!

Well, here ya go.

This recipe makes about 4 cups of gravy from a 12 to 14 lb. bird. But if you’ve got gravy guzzlers like I do, you may want to have some good, pre-made gravy on standby, just in case!

Pulling this gravy together is pretty easy, but if you’ve never made it from scratch, take your time… even if your sister is breathing down your neck. Some recipes call for making the gravy in the same roasting pan as the turkey (once you’ve removed the turkey), but if you’re just starting out, I’d use a saucepan.

Your guests will wait… just make sure that when you serve the gravy it’s hot and lump free (see “cooking know how” below). They’ll drink it up!


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