Kitchen Think: Eclectic Gift Giving Ideas


Here are some GREAT last minute gift ideas… but you better get cracking because for some of these items, the Christmas delivery cut-off date is tomorrow!

Trust me…you don’t want to be shopping at the Walgreens with my brother Gary on Christmas Eve.

Personalized Beverage ID Tags

Personalized Hand-Stamped Custom Wine Glass Charms: I know you’ve seen wine charms everywhere for years… but these charms are terrific because they have everyone’s name on the tag. I can understand if, during the course of the evening, you forget whether your charm is the ballet slipper or the top hat… but if you forget your name, well, it REALLY IS time to go home. I have a ton of family coming in for the hols, so I ordered mine (just in the nick of time: December 8 is the cut-off date for Christmas orders).

Texas Cutting Board

• You know I’m a Texas girl, through and through, so I’m always proud to display anything regarding the Lone Star State. But sometimes I wonder: Do native South Dakotans feel the same way about their home state? Regardless… this etsy store can hook you up with custom-made Plyboo cutting boards in the shape of your favorite state! (Plyboo is a butcher block architectural plywood made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo). If you’re partial to France, Germany or Italy, they’ve got you covered there, too. They also take care of a few NY boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. Hurry and order… holiday orders end, yep, tomorrow! Look on the website for dimensions, colors, etc.

Splash Proof Super-Fast Thermapen™ by ThermoWorks,

• I’ve said it before but EVERY kitchen needs one of these: an Instant Read Thermometer. I love my Splash Proof Super-Fast Thermapen™ by ThermoWorks, but the dial-face instant-read thermometer is less expensive and does a good job. Regardless of which kind you use, instant read thermometers are fantastic for instantly finding out the internal temperature of whatever it is you’re cooking. Look around and see what you need (or what the person you’re buying for needs). Some Instant-Reads do it all: from making candy to deep frying (where temperatures can climb to 375°F).


Elevate Spatulas

• This is another one of those great ideas that I should have thought of: The Elevate Spatulas. When I’m baking, I often forget to bring my spoon trivet over to the mixer. I usually end up perching the spatula on my water glass or, gulp, laying it down on the counter. Yuck. Now, the Elevate™ Spatula Set, with its weighted handles, keeps the top of the spatula away from the countertop. No mess on the countertop and no worries about cross-contamination. They’re made out of silicone, so they’re heat resistant up to 650°F degrees (use them to make omelets!). Needless to say, it’s dishwasher safe.

Fridge Mount for iPad

• So many of us are using the iPad in the kitchen… whether we’re reading recipes or just trying to keep up with the Kardashians. I think the Belkin fridge or cabinet mount for 7” and 10” tablets is a great gift idea. The mounts are temporary so you don’t have to drill any holes or use special tools to install them (no commitments… the Kardashians would like that). The fridge or wall mount can be placed on any smooth vertical surface and is held up with magnets and 3M™Command™ Strips. When you remove the mount, it doesn’t leave behind any sticky stuff.

So…those are my ideas for gifting this holiday season. But you better get to ordering or you’ll be doing your Christmas shopping at the drug store. Say “Hi” to my brother Gary when you see him…

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