Try This: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This


There’s a good reason why Mama should always take pictures of the products she’s going to write about BEFORE she opens them.

Sweet Margy Toffee

As you can see, I mowed through a bag of Sweet Margy Hand Made Toffee while I was writing. (Well, I had a little help from GP, but then that’s what I get for leaving the goods out in the open!)

Ah yes… the holidays are here (and here and here, she said, pointing to her hips and thighs).

But I digress.

Toffee should be buttery and sweet… but not too sweet or else the deep caramelized flavor will get buried under a cloyingly sweet veneer. Sweet Margy walks this delicate line in her hand dipped Dark and Milk Chocolate Toffee… with just the right dusting of almonds. Yummie-pie.

Did I mention the toffee is gluten-free? Well, it is. In fact, it is also preservative and additive free.

Sweet Margy also makes a few other products that I haven’t tried… including something called “Tofikomin.” This product consists of full sheets of Matzo hand dipped in toffee, covered with chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of almond pieces. Matzo is not supposed to be this decadent!

Sweet Margy’s products are definitely going on my gift-giving list… if they last that long!


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