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Hit it with “The Wand.”

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

That’s what professional chefs say when they want something puréed to perfection with an immersion blender… that wonderful handheld stick appliance with rotary blades that’ll give you luxuriously creamy soups and wonderfully whipped cream (among other things).

These relatively inexpensive little devices can be used in hot or cold mixtures… stick it into a screaming hot liquid on top of the stove or use it to blend an icy cold smoothie. Lightweight and easy to use, they’re a heck of a lot more convenient than hauling out the food processor or blender. They’re also great for fixing mistakes… like broken sauces.

Hand blenders are heavy into multi-tasking because they usually come with several attachments like choppers, shredders, whisks and beaters. Just make sure your saucepan, bowl or container is deep enough so you don’t end up splattering yourself.

Many of these blenders and their attachments can be stored in a drawer or come with a wall mount, which really cuts down on counter-top clutter. The attachments are usually dishwasher safe (except for the handle, of course).

Which blender is the best? Mama’s had a few of these so here are some things to look for before you buy:

• A powerful motor is a plus because you’ll be able to use if for a variety of tasks. Most of the high-powered models have the types of attachments that enable you to convert them into mini-food processors.

• A word about attachments: Only buy ‘em if you think you’ll use ‘em… otherwise they’ll just sit in a drawer taking up precious space. If you like a particular blender and it comes with all the bells and whistles, read the use and care directions for the attachments… you might learn something new!

Breville Immersion Blender

• Make sure the stick has a removable metal shaft and is not a one-piece unit. This lets you detach it from the base for easy cleaning with no worries about getting the electric part wet. Metal is best because plastic can crack and warp (even if the box says it’ll stand up to mega-extreme heat, it won’t under continued top-of-the-stove use).

• Very important: hold it in your hand. Make sure it is light enough… you could be puréeing or whipping for several minutes!

An immersion blender is meant to compliment a regular blender… not replace it. But it’s still a valuable asset in the kitchen (and it could become your favorite kitchen tool!).


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