Plated + Served: Roast Your Veggies… You Just Can’t Beet It!


All it took was changing the way I cooked ‘em to like ‘em.

Way back in July I wrote about beets… and how I didn’t particularly like them, but I suffered through them because they are a fave of GP. I recommended one way of cooking them, and GP loved it… though it still wasn’t enough to turn me pro-beet.

But if you roast them… my, oh my… you wind up with a little caramelization and the flavor really pops! I should have cooked them like this all along because I know so many things taste better when the vegetable’s natural sugars brown and release that rich nutty flavor.

Beets are great at this time of year, too, because they add a dash of color to our rather dull winter plates. I usually serve them cold as a salad. But, this beet recipe is delicious hot… and the anise adds another layer of flavor.

Nothing beets roasting! I just had to say it…

Warm Caramelized Beets with Anise Vinaigrette


Warm Caramelized Beets with Anise Vinaigrette on Red Quinoa as an Amuse Bouche





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