Try This: Are Marshmallows the Next Big Thing?


I think I might have found the next cupcake. 

Cinnamon Salted Caramel, Saffron Orange, Green Tea and Chili Lime Marshmallows


Mama’s not talking about those cloyingly sweet white globs bobbing around in your hot cocoa. No. These are small bites of fluff laced with wild and wonderful flavors… just the right note to end a meal.

Over the holidays, I saw a lot of eclectically flavored marshmallows in bakeries everywhere. Strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch and cinnamon seemed to be the most popular offerings. I’m still seeing plain, chocolate chip and nut-studded marshmallows in a few places.

But savory marshmallows are also elbowing their way in, particularly in restaurants. Last fall, one of Mama’s favorite Chicago restaurants, Stephanie Izard’s The Girl and the Goat, served up a foie gras marshmallow. Wow.

I’ve gotta get GP to try some of these… it might actually help him shake the trauma he experienced as a child when his “Tough Granny” used to trot out her Thanksgiving sweet-potato casserole topped with miniature marshmallows dyed to look like the American Flag.

Now THAT must have been a taste sensation…



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    Hi! I saw your comment on linked in this am and decided to mozy on over. What an adorable site you have. I ‘d stay and chatta a bit but I have to go move the spices that I keep by my stove!




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