Kitchen Think: A Spoonful of Sugar


Well, our kids are STILL eating too much sugar… but guess what? WE’RE the ones feeding it to them!

Take a look in the mirror…you can’t point the finger at the schools or fast food joints alone. No, sir. A just-released government study says that even though we THINK we’re feeding our family a healthy meal, most of it is loaded with sugar.

Sheesh…you just can’t win for losing.

The study doesn’t deal with just excesses in sugary fruit juices or other sweetened drinks. The National Center for Health Statistics is talking about real food… the stuff that is supposed to be good for you and fits within the My Plate guidelines.

We all know there is sugar in everything. But even when you try to feed your family a good meal, like, say, spaghetti with pasta sauce, you find out that the bottled sauce is loaded with sugar. Processed foods=sugar bombs.

I know I’ve harped on this a million times, but that’s why you’ve got to read the labels.

You already know exactly where to cut back if you want to decrease the sugar in your diet… at breakfast. It’s the sugary cereals (including oatmeal), bagels, frozen waffles, and the muffins that are killing us. A virtual carb fest, and that’s before you have any fruit (which is packed with good-for-you natural sugars).

But in order to offer a healthier breakfast, we have to make a conscientious effort to create a window of time in our mornings to practice what most of us truly believe: that our health, and our children’s health, is paramount.

We’re trading convenience for calories and, ultimately, the health of our families and children.

Is it really worth it?



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