Plated + Served: Decadently Delicious Chocolate Dippers


Chocolate… is there anything more decadently delicious?

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So it makes sense that anything dipped, coated or drizzled in chocolate is going to be nirvana… and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to create enchantment. But before we launch into the “how-to,” here are some things to keep in mind:

• Dipping fresh fruit? Make sure it is fresh and ripe. Even the richest chocolate can’t hide the sour taste of an unripe, mid-winter strawberry.

• Before dipping, remove the fruit from the fridge for about 10 minutes to take the chill off and prevent the chocolate coating from cracking.

• Make sure the fruit is absolutely dry and free of moisture before dipping.

• Water or moisture in your chocolate will cause it to “seize.” This means it will get hard, crumbly and grainy. (If this happens, reheat heat the chocolate and stir in a teaspoon of shortening until it is smooth again).

• Love chocolate covered nuts? Be careful if you’re buying a large bag from a big-box store. Taste the nuts as soon as you’ve purchased them. If they taste stale, take ‘em back!

• Pretzels and potato chips also need to be fresh, so do the taste test on those, especially if you’re buying them in a super-sized quantity.

• After coating the goodies, store the chocolate tightly wrapped in a cool, dry place.

Dipping strawberries, marshmallows and pretzel rods is easy when you have a full pot of chocolate. But what happens when you get down to the last tablespoon or two of deliciousness? Easy. Spoon it into a plastic re-sealable bag and seal. Snip off a tiny piece from the bottom corner and drizzle it over cookies (freshly baked or store bought), ice cream or fruit salad.

Now, if you want something really decadent (okay, downright naughty) for that special someone, here’s what you do:
1. Send the kids to bed.
2. Melt the chocolate as directed in the recipe.
3. Cool the chocolate and find a basting brush or small paintbrush.
4. The rest is up to you…




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