Try This: King’s Kimchi


Mama is really stepping out here in asking you to try this… but here we go.

King’s Kimchi

King's Spicy Kimchi

Never heard of kimchi? You will. Foodie shows, sites and blogs have all put Korean food on their lists for “What’s Hot in 2012.” If you like new (and decidedly different) ready-to-eat items that enhance (and spice up) your every day meals, you will love kimchi.

Okay… what exactly is in kimchi? This is where a lot of folks will back away quietly and say, “Uh, I think I’ll pass.” (That’s why I waited until the fourth paragraph to tell you what’s in it.) King’s Kimchi is traditionally fermented nappa cabbage, garlic, spring onion, hot pepper, sugar, salt, paprika and ginger.

But the best part, besides the taste, is that it’s packed with vitamin A, B, C as well as lots of beta-carotene. It’s also got more good bacteria than yogurt and is low in fat, cholesterol and calories (2 oz. = 15 calories). And it’s high in fiber. Oh, and it has no MSG, trans fats, or preservatives and is gluten free. You can buy it spicy or mild.

What does it taste like? A flavor explosion in your mouth. It’s a little crunchy, with a tangy pickle flavor. I bought the spicy King’s Kimchi, so it packed a little heat. But it’s not so hot it will feel like your mouth is on fire. Just a pleasant flavor pop that enhances whatever you’re serving. (Unless, of course, you’re like GP, who reacts to a little bit of spice by sweating under his eyes—and then, as the meal goes on, basically out of every pore in his body. TMI, I know…)

King’s Kimchi can be served cold or at room temperature. You can dish it right out of the jar as a flavorful side for fish or meat, stir fry it into rice or, for a fun gourmet twist, use it to top a hamburger.

I like to stir it into chicken broth, especially if I feel like I’m getting a cold. Now THAT’S what Mama calls a delicious way to really open up your sinuses!


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