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What a weekend! Gorgeous weather and wall-to-wall basketball… could it get any better?

CapaBunga Wine Cap

Well, maybe.

Ever wish you could watch the games, enjoying a glass of wine and some snicky-snacks, AND be sitting on the beach at the same time? Sounds like heaven, eh? Well, with lent and all, that’s not happening for Mama this time around, but… when it does, here are a couple of gadgets that’ll come in handy…

Ravi Ice Bucket

Wine bottles are such a hassle to fit inside the fridge after they’ve been opened, aren’t they? If you try to store them upright, the cork is usually an issue… and if you lay them on their side, the bottle leaks. The CapaBunga® is a reusable silicone cap that solves both problems… and it really works (but only if you have leftover wine!).

Okay, you’ve opened the wine… now you have to keep it chilled. The small and compact Ravi Foldable Ice Bucket is made of PVC and folds flat, like a thick piece of paper. The bottom opens up so you it can sit flat on a table, or nestle into the sand at the beach. Really a great idea for on-the-go entertaining.


Finally, the Spiker is also a great beach idea because it keeps whatever you put in it free of sand. But it’s not just for your beverage… think about using it for your sunblock lotion, sunglasses, goggles…

I’m a little concerned here. All three of today’s gadgets had to do with imbibing… just a coincidence or could it be…. March Madness?


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