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Grilled cheese… one of the ultimate comfort foods. Think about it: sizzling butter in the pan, oozing cheese from between two slices of golden toasted bread, melted cheese dripping down your chin.

And, of course, a pan to wash.

Well, with Toastabags you can almost have the same experience. Almost, because instead of the sizzling butter in the pan, you put your cheese sandwich in a reusable Toastabag and pop it in the toaster to cook.

Toastabags Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The bags are made out of Teflon and the Toastabag makers say they can be used up to 50 times (I’m only on #12 use). And the best part? You can put them in the dishwasher.

Mama tested Toastabags on sliced bread and 6-inch tortillas… with fantastic results. Make sure you adjust the setting on your toaster (or watch them carefully) because toaster temps vary.

The package says that Toastabags can also be used for things like chicken nuggets, fries and cheese sticks. I tested all three (still frozen). Unfortunately, the bags didn’t heat them all the way through, even after 6 minutes.

But, when I cooked all three in the oven, then refrigerated them and then reheated them in a Toastabag, they came out piping hot and deliciously wonderful.

So maybe reheating out of the fridge is okay… but out of the freezer is not such a time saver (remember you can really only make two portions at a time if you have a double-slot toaster).

Sistie loves Toastabags because it helps when she’s making a quick snack in the afternoon and it’s an easy way to make her boiled egg and cheese sandwich in the morning.

But c’mon…who’s she kidding? She just doesn’t want to wash the pan!



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