The Kitchen Think: Happy Meal Do Over


Looks like the Happy Meal has finally gotten a real makeover this time.

McDonald’s is set to launch a new TV campaign next week with a whole new cast of characters aimed at heralding the new and improved (and allegedly nutritionally sound) Happy Meal.

McDonald's Happy Meal

McDonald’s has come under fire for adding to the childhood obesity epidemic because of the high amount of fat, sugar and sodium in the Happy Meal.

I’m really happy that McDonald’s is doing this. When they started offering apple slices, low-fat milk and cutting back on the number of French fries last fall, I knew they were moving in the right direction.

But think about it: The only way our kids get Happy Meals is if we buy it for them and give it to them. Ultimately, we’re responsible for what we feed our children.

I know there are times when you’re slammed and you HAVE to feed them something and fast food is the only alternative. But it should be a once-in-a-while thing… a treat, something special. If you make it an every day, or even a several-times-a-week experience, YOU are the one polluting your kids.

What do you think? Should we hold the fast food joints solely responsible for the country’s obesity problem? Isn’t the problem a little bit bigger than that?


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