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Goodness gracious a lot of things happened in the food world this week.

Actually… a lot of things happen in the food world every week. Which is why I’m going to start doing a “round up” of big stories you should know about, others that may not have hit your radar… and a couple that will make good happy-hour talk.

Feel free to let me know if I missed any that YOU think were important. I’m only going to write a brief synopsis of each story. Click on the link to read more and get a little enlightenment…

  • There are no meaningful state or federal laws regulating industrial animal farms. Accountability has been hard to come by, and usually it only happens when investigative journalists go undercover to expose atrocities and illegal practices (or employees blow the whistle). Well, a new “Ag Gag Law” is now on the books in Utah and Iowa… and is being considered in several other states.

Pink Slime

  •  You may have eaten Pink Slime and NOT EVEN KNOWN IT! I thought it was only being sold to schools to supplement government-assisted lunches. Now I find out Safeway Inc. has been selling it in its stores around the country labeled “lean finely textured beef!” EEEWWWW!!

Morbid, I know. But I used to be a journalist… fascination with the macabre is hard to shake.

Have a great weekend!






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