Plated + Served: Poached Eggs with Seared Mushrooms


The weekend… at last.

Poached Eggs with Seared Mushrooms

Mama tries to serve up a good breakfast every day (the operative word is tries), but the weekends give me a little bit more breathing room to do something really deliciously creative, but relatively easy.

Deliciously creative, but easy. I like that phrase.

Poached eggs aren’t difficult to make if you remember to put some sort of acid in the water to hold the whites together. I like to use white vinegar, but lemon juice also works. Here are a few other tips:

• Use fresh eggs so you don’t get those long stringy white tendrils.

• Make sure the eggs are right out of the fridge… the whites hold their shape and the yolks are less likely to break.

• Crack the eggs in a little bowl or ramekin, not directly into the water. Using a bowl lets the eggs slip, rather than plop, into the water (and you can remove any shell fragments beforehand).

Julia Child

Here’s what to do if you’re cooking for a crowd: Poach the eggs in batches and place them on a paper towel on a plate to drain. To reheat them, gently slip them into a skillet of simmering water and remove with a slotted spoon.

One of Julia Child’s rules for the kitchen is especially true when cooking mushrooms: “Don’t crowd the pan!”

Mushrooms release a lot of water (besides the little tiny bit they absorbed when you cleaned them), so if you’re trying to brown them, cook them on medium-high heat in batches in a large skillet.

This is a great-looking, great-tasting, dish and remember: It’s EASY to do! Bring on the weekend!


Julia’s Rule: Don’t crowd the pan!






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