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Saw some really cool… and really eclectic…things at the International Home and Housewares Show this weekend that’ll have people talking.

I haven’t tested any of these yet, but they sure are interesting.

Beyond Loop-to-Loop Pot

Mama was really impressed with Warimex’s Beyond® stainless steel pot. They call it a “loop-to-loop” pot because the detachable sieve rotates forward with the food when you pour off the cooking liquid. They say you can steam vegetables and fish, or boil pasta, and then drain the water without disturbing the food in the colander. The colander comes with a handle so it lifts right out… you can even take it to the table.

Sparq Hot-Cold Soapstone Appetizer Plate

A couple of guys from Denver have really taken the whole “repurpose-sustainable” mantra to heart. Their main business is the manufacture and installation of custom soapstone countertops—but they’ve also come up with an ingenious way of re-using some of the material leftover from a job, so that little goes to waste. They take the remnant pieces of soapstone and cut them down for use as hot and cold appetizer platters. The Sparq Thermal Appetizer Plates can be placed in the freezer and brought out later—keeping the food served on them chilled (think sushi, chocolate or cheese.) The platters can also be heated in the oven and then brought out to keep hot appetizers warm and tasty.

Rösle BBQ Grill

The weather is warming up, so maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a new grill. Well, the German-made Rösle Grill is a beauty. A pricey beauty, but hey, think of it as the Mercedes of the portable grill world. It’s built on a tough, stainless steel frame with an extra-high rounded hinged dome (with a built-in thermometer). It’s got stay-cool handles, precise airflow vents and big 8-in wheels with rubber treads. It also has a cool rail that wraps around the grill that allows you to keep your tools handy, but out of the way.

And the more, ahem, eclectic items? Oh, I don’t know… maybe the Aquavista BettaClock that’s billed as the world’s first and only combo clock and fish tank. No, I’m not kidding.

Aquavista BettaClock



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