Try This: Le Grand Tzatziki


Tzatziki. I love that word. But I love what it is even more.

Le Grand Tzatziki Sauce

You know about Tzatziki, right? Hmmm… (c’mon be honest.)

Tzatziki (pronounced zæˈdzi-ki) is a deliciously refreshing yogurt-based sauce made with salted, squeezed and drained cucumbers, garlic, mint and dill.

It’s a Mediterranean meze or appetizer that’s usually served with pita (bread). You may have had it with souvlaki or gyros.

It’s not terribly difficult to make, just a bit time consuming. But, if you want to get a flavorful dinner on the table in a flash (or layout a quick appetizer) I’ve got an answer: La Grand’s Tzatziki.

This fresh and flavorful sauce is the real thing. It’s made with probiotic Greek-style yogurt, fresh dill and mint. No sour cream filler, oil or sugar. Completely natural… so much so, that you can see the bright herbs through the bottom of the re-sealable pouch. It is even gluten free.

I’ve been using it a lot… flavoring-up freshly steamed green beans, drizzling it on salads, squeezing it on top of grilled meat and fish (Like I said, it comes in a pouch). I’ve even used it as a fat-free alternative to mayo on Sistie’s sandwiches (and Miss Picky-Nicky liked it!).

I like to make Tzatziki in the summer when cucumbers are cheap, and I have a little bit more time. Well, cucumbers aren’t very cheap now (at least where I live), and Lord knows I don’t have a lot of time… so I think this may be my go-to ready-to-eat sauce for the spring.

Tzatziki. I told you I loved that word…



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3 thoughts on “Try This: Le Grand Tzatziki

  1. Houston, TX

    Hi there! I do demos for this company and let me tell you….this product sells itself! With only 30 calories, 2g of fat, and 170mg of sodium per serving (2tbsp) how could you go wrong! Conveniently packaged in this easy to pour pouch to help seal in freshness its very fresh and very flavorful. Less air inside, means keeping it fresher longer…and who won’t enjoy a freshly made taste 🙂 It’s perfect as a dip, spread, or as a topping on your favorite grill meats or seafood. Thanks Mama’s High Strung for spreading the word 🙂

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