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Interesting happenings in the food world this week, a lot of it chicken related. I’ll jump right into it as soon as I finish my bucket of KFC.

Every week it seems Mama has some sort of farm animal antibiotic tidbit, but you need to pay attention to this stuff because, even if you don’t eat meat, it will affect you in some way.

End of lecture.

This week, the Food and Drug Administration said farmers and ranchers need to stop feeding antibiotics to healthy animals for the sole purpose of helping the animals grow larger.

The Humane Society yesterday released a report and video of their undercover investigation into the Pennsylvania-based Kreider Farms egg factory. I know this doesn’t go on at every egg-producing plant, but it’s still jarring to see mummified bird carcasses inside cages with living hens laying eggs.

Now, from eggs to the whole bird: The USDA says it wants poultry plants to do their own inspections of live birds instead of having USDA inspectors handle the task. This means plant employees would determine whether the animals are sick or not… excuse me, but does anyone think that sounds just a little goofy? Can’t you just see HUGE problems ahead?

In other chicken-related news, KFC Thailand says it’s sorry for the Facebook message it posted urging people to “hurry home and follow the earthquake news… and don’t forget to order your favorite KFC menu.” Of course Stephen Colbert had a brilliant take on the episode.


You know how Mama loves gadgets… take a look at this. Microwave Drawers aren’t new but they’re becoming more affordable. If you’re redoing your kitchen and counter space is an issue, this is something to consider.

Finally, they auctioned off the winner of last month’s World Champion Cheese Contest. At this price, I don’t think you’d pack it in your kids’ lunchbox. Have a great weekend!




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