Plated + Served: Crunchy Broccoli Ginger Slaw


Remember years ago, when George Bush (the first one) said he didn’t like broccoli and that as president no one could force him to eat it? Man, did he ever get a lot of flak from broccoli farmers!

Well, with all due respect to the former president (meant in the British way), broccoli is really popular at my house. It’s the one vegetable that we can all agree on. Everyone likes the florets, but Drew and I are the only ones who like the stalks. This weekend, everyone became a stalk eater when I whipped up this easy-to-make crunchy slaw.

If you don’t have as many broccoli stalks as I call for in the recipe, just use more carrots, or cut the recipe in half. I topped my Lamb Mole Tacos with the slaw. Yummy pie.

You’ll have half a cup or so of extra dressing (depending on how wet you like your slaw). Save it and toss it with some greens, or, if you have leftover slaw, mix it with some cooked pasta for a tasty side dish.

Maybe George should try this recipe… who knows, it might change his outlook on broccoli forever!

Crunchy Broccoli Ginger Slaw


Crunchy Broccoli Ginger Slaw with Lamb Mole Soft Tacos


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