Plated + Served: Raspberry Jam Cookies


I know it’s so hot the hens are laying hard-boiled eggs, but with raspberries in season, making these cookies is really worth turning on the oven.

And besides, they look SOOOOOO Fourth of July…

Being the High Strung over-achiever that I am, I made the butter cookies AND the jam. But wait… before you roll your eyes, you’ve must know that I’ve never made jam before. Jelly, jam, preserves… all that stuff is kind of intimidating, what with having to boil jars and all.

I knew I didn’t want to do all of that (I’m not THAT ambitious), so I just made a small amount… enough for the cookies and some leftover for pancakes this weekend. I’m glad I did. I’ve never tasted jam this fresh and bursting with raspberry flavor.

But YOU don’t have to make your own jam. Make the butter cookies and then spread some jarred raspberry jam, preserves or jelly in between the cookie layers. Your cookies will be delicious.

Happy Fourth and stay safe!






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