Plated + Served: Shrimp and Jícama Summer Salad


Time for dinner al fresco!

Okay, okay, so that’s a fancy way of saying… let’s have a picnic or let’s have dinner on the patio tonight. Regardless, why not get the most out of summer with an easy dinner outside?

Here’s another delicious recipe I developed for the folks at Right@Home, the bilingual website that’s always got great ideas when it comes to recipes, cleaning and organizing, decorating, crafts and special offers. Believe me, with the kids out of school, all the info and tips on the website are a BIG help.

This crisp and cool salad with a light basil and lime dressing is a wonderful break from the same old potato salad. Save some time by preparing it in a Ziploc® Brand Gallon Bag (no dirty bowls to wash!) so you can enjoy dining al fresco, too!

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