Plated + Served: Lazy Lasagna


Fall is all about big heavy casseroles, like lasagna, that smell, look and taste great… the heat of summer has faded into autumn, the weather is crisp and everyone is ready for delicious comfort food.

Don’t have the time, you say?

Here’s a simple (and fun!) way to prepare lasagna… with the kids helping to create their own enchantment.

It’s so easy to do, too. You can use meat and vegetable leftovers from the weekend, jarred pasta sauce and lasagna noodles broken in half. When it’s all cooked and heated up, put the ingredients in different bowls and let everyone invent their own personal lasagna.

This is also a great way to make your Monday Meatless!



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4 thoughts on “Plated + Served: Lazy Lasagna

  1. Jessica

    Thanks for sharing this at Meatless Monday. I Liked you on the Pinterest board, and I will share this on my Meatless Monday post for tomorrow so you can hopefully get some more likes! Good luck, it’s looks delish!


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