Plated + Served: Simply Delicious Green Bean and Shrimp Stir-Fry


Those beautiful fresh green beans piled high at the farmer’s market will only be around for a few more weeks…

Green beans always seem to be in season because you can usually find them in the grocery store year ‘round… and that’s a good thing because they’re easy to prepare, low in calories and really versatile.

Plus, they’re one of those vegetables that kids are more inclined to eat (along with corn and potatoes).

When picking out green beans, at the farmer’s market or in a supermarket, look for slender beans that are crisp and bright green, free of dark marks or spots. You can keep them in a plastic bag in the fridge for up to a week.

Steamed, microwaved or quickly blanched in salted boiling water are great ways to prepare green beans quickly and effortlessly. Another great way… stir-fry!

I added shrimp to this recipe, but you could easily substitute 16 ounces of other mixed veggies, like carrots, mushrooms and broccoli, to make a simply delicious vegetarian (not vegan!) dinner.



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    1. Mama Post author

      Can he eat Asian Fish Sauce? If so, you can use that. I’ve also used Worcestershire sauce… there’s no soy in that!


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