Kitchen Think: Swing State Eats on Election Night


Just finished voting and on my way home I was thinking about the swing states… no, not their political impact, but about the food that comes from those places.

GP is right… I’m always thinking about food.

Friends are coming over to the house tonight for a potluck dinner to watch the election returns, so I thought, why not have each person bring something (easy) representing one of the swing states?

I’m doing the two big items, the Smithfield Ham (Virginia) and the Cincinnati Chili (Ohio).

For appetizers, someone is bringing a huge platter of Wisconsin cheese. North Carolina is represented by Sweet Potato Tater Tots (because you can’t really ask a guest to do the barbecue thing, especially last minute).

One friend wanted to bring Loose Meat Sandwiches to represent Iowa, but we had enough entrees so she opted for corn on the cob (we did need a veg in there somewhere).

We’ve got dessert covered: A Florida Key Lime Pie, New Hampshire Pumpkin Bread and Shoofly Pie from Pennsylvania (which I’m very excited about because I’ve never had it before).

That leaves Nevada. We really couldn’t come up with anything for Nevada… so in honor of the ubiquitous buffets available in casinos across the state, we’re going to serve BUFFET STYLE and honor Nevada in that way.

Looks like we’ve got plenty of food, which is a good thing… because it could be a loooong night!


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7 thoughts on “Kitchen Think: Swing State Eats on Election Night

  1. Menopausalmother

    Hi there! Saw that you joined my site via GFC and wanted to follow you back the same way but I don’t see your GFC–only Linky, which I don’t have. I liked your page on Facebook (under the name Marcia Doyle) but I don’t know what else to do. Let me know, OK? Thanks again!

    1. Mama Post author

      I’ve been trying to install my GFC widget on my website… I think you can click on my GFC on YOUR page and still follow me… not sure. I’ll email you when it’s up! Thanks for following!

  2. Carolyn

    What a clever idea…..what will you have to “wash down” all thsi delicious food? Remember, it is going to be a LONG NITE….!

    1. Mama Post author

      Well, most of us drank water because we still have to get up in the morning… but it was an earlier night than expected!


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