Kitchen Think: This Week’s Most Interesting Food News/SANDY Edition


Hurricane Sandy was easily the big news story of the week, so it’s only natural that the storm also tops this week’s food news. And there’s no need to be flip now, when so many are suffering.

Today, food trucks gave away free food in some of the New York and New Jersey areas hardest hit by Sandy. 

 Are you planning on eating out this weekend? Restaurants around the country are donating a portion of their sales to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

While many restaurants were without power and closed their doors, others worked by candlelight and carried on.

Employees at one restaurant set up a grill in the front of the restaurant and prepared $5 lobster and steak sandwiches.

And finally, a quote from American farm worker, civil rights activist and labor leader Cesar Chavez:

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food, give you their heart.”


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10 thoughts on “Kitchen Think: This Week’s Most Interesting Food News/SANDY Edition

  1. Julia Terpstra

    Oh my, your blog is lovely. Simply wonderful! Greatly appreciate hearing the quote by C.C… what a man! I saw from one of your posts that your cholesterol counts are high… mine too! And I swear I eat clean 98% of the time! I MUST try your tofu. Following you via FB and Linky!!! xoxo jules

    1. Mama Post author

      Thanks for the follow, Jules. I also eat sooo healthy (okay, occasional forays into dessert), but I really believe a lot of it is genetic… I’m just predisposed to cholesterol! It’s an uphill battle, but I’m pushing through (and I’m sure you will, too!).

  2. Jessica

    Thanks for sharing this. It is really amazing how we as humans prevail even when the odds are against us. People- especially in NY -came out in droves to do what they could to help and keep things rolling as usual.

    1. Mama Post author

      The idea that New Yorkers are cold, cynical and unfeeling was really disproved during Sandy! Amazing how people really stepped up!

    1. Mama Post author

      Thanks so much… I’m sure the next few months will be very difficult for everyone affected by the storm. Thanks for following.


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