Plated + Served: On The Fourth Day of Christmas…


My true love had a bunch of returns to make at the mall, so I decided to spread the holiday spirit and bake Calling Birds Cookies (or Colly Birds if you want to get technical).

The twins next door are ill and can’t play in the newly fallen snow, so I made them each a little “care package” of Four Calling Birds Cookies and threw in some frosting and sprinkles for decorating.

Confession: I used a package mix.

Mama tries to make the week between Christmas and New Years as simple as possible. And baking these cookies was pretty simple.

I mean, after all, I’ve gotta rest up for New Year’s Eve!



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2 thoughts on “Plated + Served: On The Fourth Day of Christmas…

  1. Jollyjillys

    Hi thanks for your comments on my blog I’m now following you. Love your super fab blog all the yummy food ! I’m about to diet so may have to look but not touch lol
    Very nice to meet you and Happy New Year

    1. Mama Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I have to get back into the the Healthy Eating mode… so hard to do over the holidays! Hope 2013 is brilliant!


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