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Wanna know where food and drink are going in 2013? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Mama’s scoured the internet for food trends and predictions for the upcoming year. Would you believe:

• You’ll be drinking more wine out of a box

• Eating more sauerkraut and

• Taking more photos of the food you eat?

That’s where the trend trackers say we’re headed in the New Year. Here are a few more…

Veggies Rule: Whether it’s the rising cost of meat or our desire to eat healthier, we’re going to see more vegetables on our plates… and it won’t be the old stand-bys like corn and potatoes. Have you had a marinated cauliflower steak? Look for similar veggies with strong flavors like cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts… which leads into another hot trend…

King’s Spicy Kimchi

Sour Flavors: Last year I told you about my infatuation with kimchi (fermented Korean cabbage). In the coming year, you can look for similar sharp, sour flavors like brined Moroccan lemons, pickled Mexican carrots, sauerkraut and citrus cured Peruvian ceviche… which takes us into 2013’s smokin’ hot cuisine…

Peruvian Food: We’ve done Mexico, we’ve sampled Cuba, now it’s time to explore Peru. The South American country’s geographically and wildly diverse (Japanese, Spanish, African, Chinese, Italian and Quechua) cultures bring together crazy culinary flavors… from sashimi-inspired tiradito to aji chili-flavored pastas and snacks like…

Popcorn: The whole-grain appeal of popcorn makes this one-time movie snack a featured player in ice cream, as a crouton and topping casseroles. It’ll get exotically cheesed, spiced and flavored and will pop up everywhere, just like…

Boxed Wine: Higher quality wine producers will start thinking inside the box because of lower shipping costs and the elimination of oxidation. Single serve options (I keep thinking of juice boxes, and that really worries me) will also increase as more of us try to cut back on our alcohol consumption and opt not to open a bottle.

Social Food Sharing: Do you take a photo of what you’re eating (or just created in the kitchen)? You aren’t alone. In the coming year we’ll continue to upload millions of images everyday to sites like Pinterest, Foodspotting and Food Gawker. I’m still trying to figure out the psychology of why this has become such a trend…

And that’s not all. There are a bunch of other things trending, like protein added to everything from beverages to salty snacks and ramen noodles coming out of dorm room and on to our dinner plate.

Strap yourself in… 2013 is gonna be a great year for food, drink and new ideas!


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10 thoughts on “Kitchen Think: Food Trends 2013

  1. Pary Moppins

    Oooh! I do love sour foods especially sauerkraut so look at me go with my bad trendy self. 🙂 What a fun list of trendy foods for the coming year. Found you through Bloggy Moms.

  2. Jesse @ The Empowered Momma

    This was my first Food Trend post I’ve ever read. I truly enjoyed it as I am intrigued to see what trend makes the cut in 2013. This couldn’t come at a better time as I am participating in a 30 day real food challenge for the month of January and am on the lookout for delicious veggie filled recipes…meat included of course. Kimchi is a personal favorite of mine…tasty with a kick. hahahaha, I started taking more photos of the food I’m eating recently. hmmm, you are onto something.

    Always a pleasure reading your posts. Thank you for sharing and linking up the Empowered Living hop.

    1. Mama Post author

      Thanks for the kind words! You are really ahead of most of America because, while the rest of the world has discovered the umami, flavors, Americans are still trying to figure it out… but they will (they caught on to sushi, right?). Good luck with your food challenge! Like your blog, too, and the hops!

  3. Irish Carter

    Wow, are you ever a talented foody blogger. You have a great website design that draws a reader in and your category is so fitting to your niche. Very impressed! I’m super glad to hear that saurekraut is going to be a hit this year….I’m a fan….my household is NOT…I’m going to tell them it s a fad and they need to try it. LOL

    Irish Carter
    “Promoting Passionate People”

    1. Mama Post author

      Thanks for the compliments! I struggle to get my crew to eat sauerkraut… I even made hotdogs this summer (they were Rueben dogs and they were delish), but they just wouldn’t do it! Yes, tell them it is trendy and hip… they’ll probably want to try it then! Following you, too!

  4. Xmasdolly

    Well, when I’m in the kitchen and I’m just experimenting hubby will ask what are we having for dinner, and I would answer “Moody Surprise” (our last name is Moody). Ohhhhhh that again he says, but he doesn’t complain when it is put in front of him. I usually pretty good and throwing something together. Being as I’m on a strict diet now though I’m looking for more healthier way of eating. Thanks for sharing. Hailing over from Stacy’s. Have a great weekend.

    1. Mama Post author

      Ha! We call it “Cleaning the Cooler” because that’s what the Chef used to call it when I was in cooking school and he wanted to get rid of all the “old” food (that became the “Day’s Special”… be warned!). You must be a good cook if he doesn’t complain! Following you, too!

  5. Stacy Uncorked

    I like the idea of veggies being a trend – and marinated cauliflower steak sounds intriguing! Now to figure out how to sneak more veggies into the kids’ bellies… 🙂

    I used to drink boxed wine a lot – specifically for the convenience of dispensing it right into the glass (and the wine staying fresh vs. from an open bottle). Usually, though, it’d be boxed wine for the big parties – so I could keep my ‘good’ wine to myself. 😉 Now, though, I make my own wine, so I no longer buy commercial wine (unless I see a label that screams “Buy Me!!” because you know that buying based on how cool the label is….is cool). 🙂 The thing I’ve noticed about my homemade wine vs. commercial wine is 1) less chemicals which computes to no headaches after going overboard imbibing and 2) an open bottle lasts longer without oxidation like the commercial wines tend to do (plus you can only have so many bottles of wine vinegar, right? Open a bottle of wine completely, let it sit on the counter for a week or two and voila! Wine vinegar.) 🙂 I have seen cooler (and better brands/types) of wine showing up in boxes, but I haven’t brought myself to buy any yet – probably because I have plenty of wine waiting in the basement…heh!

    I tend to take pictures of my food when I’m dining out, but don’t when I’m dining in…though I should, especially when I decide to share a recipe since some people are visual learners. 🙂

    1. Mama Post author

      I’m with you on the boxed wine… easier to dispense (perhaps a bit TOO easy!). I’ve had the marinated cauliflower steak… I loved it. You can get 4 steaks out of head, the rests can be saved for salads, soups, etc (although my crew DOES NOT like cauliflower). Yes, take images of your recipes!!! It really helps me, especially if there is a difficult part. Thanks for stopping by!


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