Plated + Served: Homemade Cannelloni


Homemade CannelloniThis is a recipe you should make with someone you love.

There’s something incredibly seductive about making your own pasta and sauce. Perhaps it’s the time it takes to gently work the dough… or the beckoning smell of the simmering sauce… or sharing a glass of wine along the way. Of course, it could be the anticipation of the delicious reward for your efforts.

One of you make the pasta, the other the sauce and filling. Enjoy each other as you do it.

And after dinner close the doors, turn up the music… and dance.

Is there anything better?

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4 thoughts on “Plated + Served: Homemade Cannelloni

    1. Mama Post author

      Thanks! Once you get over the hurdle of making the pasta for the first time, it’s not that big of a deal. Well, I guess it is… but not THAT big of a deal.

    1. Mama Post author

      Thanks… once you get the hang of making pasta, it’s not that difficult. It’s the rolling out that is the pain…
      Thanks for stopping by!


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