Red Chile Sauce


Cooler weather makes me crave things that are warm and spicy… like this tangy rich Guajillo Chile Sauce made from beautiful dried red chile pods.

Salsa de Guajjillo

The earthy guajillo (pronounced gwah-HEE-yoh) chile makes a wonderful sauce because it’s got a complex fruity flavor that delivers a subtle kick at the end without setting your face on fire.

This chile sauce really lets you live a little: put a warm spoonful on scrambled eggs, marinate skinless chicken breasts, rub it into a steak or swirl it into some hummus… an easy way to elevate any flavor profile.

And, yes, it is the perfect Enchilada Sauce.

Salsa de Guajillo

You can find these chilies in ethnic food stores or larger supermarkets. If guajillos aren’t available, dried anchos chilies are a nice substitute… but your sauce will be a little bit spicier.

Here’s a fun fact: in Spanish, guajillo means “little gourd” because the seeds rattle around inside the dried pepper. I know, I know… I’ve got too much useless information rattling around inside MY head.

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  2. Honey Rowland

    Hi! This looks so good! I love the flavor toasting gives a pepper! I found you from Naptime Review and wanted to say Hi! 🙂 I’m pinning this because YUM!

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