Hatch Chile Mini Cornbread Muffins


Went a little Hatch Chile-wild this weekend… but these delicate Hatch Chile Mini Cornbread Muffins completely explain my madness.

Hatch Chiles are in season NOW, so you need to buy them while you can. Like I said, I went a little crazy and bought 25 lbs. to freeze. GP thought I was nuts… but we’ll see what he says in November when I thaw some of these babies and make his favorite Chili before a big football game.

If you see Hatch Chilies in your supermarket… buy them! Many supermarkets are partnering with Melissa’s Produce and holding roasting events: you buy the chiles and they roast them right there at the store… how easy is that? If onsite roasting is not an option, it’s pretty easy to do it at home… click here.

These Hatch Chile Mini Cornbread Muffins are a great way to venture into Hatch Chileland if you are a newbie. The muffins are sweet, but have just the right of heat from the chiles to keep things interesting. Have you cooked with Hatch Chiles? What’s your favorite recipe?

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15 thoughts on “Hatch Chile Mini Cornbread Muffins

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  2. Debra picard

    Yuuuummmmyyyy! This sounds so good! I’m making this tonight! I am going to be hoarding your recipes! Live your blog! I will definitely be here often! Looking forward to what’s coming! Thanks!

  3. Christie

    I just came into some hatch chilis. I’ll be trying this recipe! Thank you for linking up with #WakeUpWednesdayLinky Stop by this Wednesday to see if you’ve been featured.

  4. Pamela Heady

    Yes!! Not only do I LOVE Hatch green chiles but this recipe looks so nice and simple! I’m having issues finding chiles where I am in CA which I think is a little weird but in the past few years I have taken advantage of one of my favorite specialty stores (Central Market) back in Texas that celebrate the Hatch Chile season. I have bought them in bulk, pre-roasted, un-roasted, peeled, whole….love them. They’re just one of the most versatile ingredients I can always find a place for!!

    1. Christina Post author

      Click on the link in my post… Melissa’s is hosting “roastings” all over the country. Hatch Chiles have NEVER been this plentiful in Chicago!


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